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'Jules Pool' Swim School

In addition to our Private family swim sessions, members group, parties and other activities. In September 2022, we decided to expand our business and start our own 'Jules Pool Swim School.'

This all started from the increase in enquiries from our existing customer base, asking if we run swim sessions, especially private swim sessions, where customers will continue to have the privacy they get from their usual family swim.  

We currently run the following swimming sessions:-


Please select the 'Book now' button on the home page, scroll to the bottom of the list of categories, select your required category then book in.  Alternatively, you can contact us on 07533974468 or email for the link to book.


This is our ladies only group swim session.  We accommodate ladies from as young as 16 years old through to mature adults.  We run sessions for absolutely non swimmers, beginners, through to more confidents swimmers.

Please see our children section for younger ladies.

Adult Swimming lessons.jpg

We offer swimming lessons for children from 4 years old. Starting from non-swimmer through to more confident swimmers.  Where possible, we can also have a 'GIRLS ONLY'  group for TEEN girls. Due to religious reasons some customers feel more comfortable with a class consisting of only girls. So depending on the class sizes and how the classes are built, we can sometimes offer this bespoke group.


How can we forget our male swimmers?  No, we have not.  Its never too late to learn to swim. If you never had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child, you can easily learn how to swim as an adult. Come along and join our lovely group of mostly mature men that are learning to swim.

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