Is the swimming pool 'completely' private?

No, although your booked session is not shared with other families/groups, we do monitor the use of the facilities and the safety of our customers.  So staff will be seen coming in and out of the facilities during use.

Is the swimming pool safe for diving?

No, the pool is 1.25m constant depth, so it is not deep enough for safe diving.

Are there showers and changing facilities?

Yes, we have toilet, shower and changing pods poolside.

Are floats allowed?

We do allow small floats, pool noodles and armbands. However, we ask that children are still constantly monitored even when using floats.

How long is the jacuzzi session?

Due to the water temperature in the jacuzzi and for health purposes, especially for people with high blood pressure, heart condition, pregnancy and other illnesses, the recommended duration should be between 15-30 mins.

Are spectators allowed to come along to our swimming session?

We do charge for everyone who comes through the doors so they can be covered under our PL insurance if any injury should occur.

Is there available parking?

Yes, we are located in a residential area, so it is on-street parking along here.  We do ask customers to park along Grenville Place (road adjacent to the pool's address) on the right where possible and avoid parking opposite the pool's address or in front of the bungalows. We are on a bus route and double parking does causes difficulty for larger vehicles to safely go by.

What COVID MEASURES are in place?

All sessions are booked with gaps between the sessions for cleaning.  We ask that customers do not over-run and to leave 10-15 mins at the end of their session for changing so they can leave the building at the end of their booked slot.  We ask customers to arrive swim ready and shower after at home, where possible. There are hand gels/sanitizers located at various points for customers to use. We are currently only taking bookings from families or people from the same household/care bubbles.